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The simple life

The simple life

    If you would have asked me ten years ago if I would want have wanted to live a simple coutry life, I'd have laughed.  I had to live close to the mall, of course.  Where I grew up, we were never a block or two from a gas station, and I frequently road my bike to the nearest grocery store. Even attending a major college and living close to everything was right up my alley.  

<Enter man of my dreams> 
<Change life here>

Now I live 20 minutes to Walmart town, almost never take the hour and half ride to the nearest mall, and only grocery shop once a week.  Forget a bike! 

But why is this important to me?

Here's 10 reasons the simple country life is perfect for me: 

1. It's absolutely beautiful! 

2. My closest neighbor is my family.  This is great when you run out of flour but not too close to hear your nightly front porch conversation with your husband. 

3. My kids can roam, run, yell, and be free.  I don't worry about "predators" I worry about predators such as snakes and big A** spiders.  I mean if I had this much space as a kid and a way to ride like they do, I'd never have been in the house. Which leads to my next point

4. My kids will have to work at being obese.  They are constantly running, playing tag,                    spinning in circles while looking at the sky (<-- I loved that, too), or swimming in the pool.  We do most of our living outside.  

5. I can have chickens, dogs, a very mean kitty, and a garden absolutely anywhere that I want, however many I want, and how I want.  NO homeowners group for me.  As a kid, our neighborhood was beautiful and well-kept, but if I want to drive a pick-up, I should be able to! 

6. Because we shop once a week and during the summer only make the trek to town on Wednesdays, my pantry is well-stocked for any emergency.  I can sleep at night knowing that no matter what tomorrow brings, I have rice and beans and veggies from the garden. 

7. With the animals and enormous amounts yard/garden work, we work well as a team.  My kids are not only good little helpers, they are also amazing team players.  For instance, my daughter "Sis" has helped me in the garden and can really handle the seeds and seedlings by herself. 

8. We eat A LOT of food that we have grown or have hunted, caught, or traded for.  I feel that we live healthier because of it.  (Don't even get me started on preservatives.)

9. It's a fantastic thing to get away from hustle and bustle of a city.  Don't get me wrong.  I loved growing up with everything that I wanted at my fingertips.  I had friends in my neighborhood, a zillion things to do, amazing places to eat at, and at times I miss it (so please don't think I am knocking the city life).  But there is something to sitting on the porch with a glass full of wine sweet tea listening to the birds chirp, watching a covey of quail meander through your yard, and watching the cows graze. Now I even get excited that they put a new famous donuts shop in town.  

10. This is where I have chosen to grow roots.  This is where I hang my clothes on the line. Where I push my kids on the swings. Where I work the ground.  Where I have shed tears of joy and sorrow. Where I have learned to work cattle. Where I have learned to love the quiet.  This is where I call home.  And that's something special to me!  

What about you?  Are there things that make where you live so fantastic?

Thanks for stopping by. 

My Disclaimer:  This is just my humble opinion comparing my life in the city with my babies' upbringings now.  It is not an exhaustive list and simply my personal ramblings and in no way an insult to anyone!

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