Sunday, January 17, 2016


Lets cut to the chase.  Here's my story...
     Every night my husband and I spend our time together having a drink and reflecting on the day.  Really, we bitch and complain, smile and laugh about things said or done.  He is my best friend.  That being said, he really pissed me off one night.  He looked at me seriously and said, "You are crazy!"  What?  I am what? There was no, life-of-the-party, crazy fun to be around, kind of crazy. Nope, he meant the koo-koo crazy.  No, I am a normal woman, a bit eccentric, a little dramatic, very passionate, but NOT crazy...
  Fire, Crazy, Shakhrain, Flame, Firebreathing
    Of course, I had to over-analyze it.(That's what I do) and I stewed and pouted and I have reflected: 
Yes, I may yell at my children when they repeatedly do what I have simply asked them to stop.  Yes, I may have tossed a toy across the room when it was the used to hurt a sibling.  Yes, I may have taken a full meal and thrown it in the garbage when the majority of my house has whined, "I don't like that." Yes, I may have even had a child yell and run away after they have said, "I hate you." That may have lead to a punishment or a week of punishments. 
    Now before you only hear the negatives, please understand.  I have read a TON of blogs and books on parenting.  I try my hardest to keep a positive disposition in the face of adversity.  I try to preach love, bringing joy,  and Christian principals.  But lets face it- I am a full time teacher of eighteen 7 and 8-year-olds.  I have two children 17 months apart who are polar opposites. My son is ADHD to a T.  My oldest is super gifted and a mini-me (which can drive me insane.) On top of that mess, I have twin girls, who are currently teething and have yet to sleep through the night.  My husband works 80+ hours a week for the family business.  I am a tired!  This is not a "I need a nap" kind of tired but a "my bones ache and my eyes have grown bags" kind of tired. 

  So they more that I have thrown this around in my mind, the more I realize, I don't want to wake up one morning and greet my grandchildren and have one of them call me the "crazy grandma."  Nope, I want to be fun, loving, caring, cool, whatever, but not crazy.  

 Follow along as I try to make myself and our lives less CRAZY!

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